What is the best way to support? 

First off, thank you for your interest in supporting me. That is how I am able to do everything I do and I am always pushing to do more! 

Become a Supporter: Becoming a supporter gives you benefits!

  • Supporter Badge to show off on stream and on my page
  • Highlighted Message on stream for me to easily see/pick out
  • Exclusive Supporter-only Facebook Group to interact with me and other community members
  • Stickers to post around the community, both on the stream and the page
  • Custom/community games with either myself or the supporter community
  • Freebies on merch drops
  • Extra entries during giveaways

⭐⭐Send Stars:⭐⭐ Stars are a tip you can send me along with a message or sticker if you like while I am live! Every star you send me, I receive 1 cent AND if you purchase on your computer you get more stars to send. Once you have stars on your account, you send them from your phone or anytime you're watching a stream. "Sally" my TEXT-TO-SPEECH (TTS) lady will READ OUT THE MESSAGE that you send.

It's completely optional, but a fun thing I incorporated 😄 Please read over the following guidelines for more information:

  • Be respectful to me, chat, mods, and other streamers. It's just common sense, good vibes are the way.
  • No sexism, racism, hostility, disrespect, etc.
  • Limit the length of your donation message to ensure the TTS works properly. Please don't spam random characters to make the TTS play incoherent sounds.
  • Please refrain from backseat gaming or demanding me to do anything in-game. X or Y loadout may be your go-to, but I may be testing something out. 
  • Want me to play with or raid someone? Save your stars & tag us together on Twitter instead, and I might be able to set something up for the future. I'm @StoneMountain64 on Twitter. Requests through stars will be skipped as I only play organically.
  • Personal Shoutouts like birthday wishes or job promotions or family members, etc may be missed depending on moment in stream and high volume, but I will put forth my best effort mix it in.
  • If you don’t like who I’m playing with or the game that I'm playing, save your stars and don’t watch. You sending stars would help improve analytics on content you don’t like, which is sending the wrong signal. There are tons of other awesome creators on Facebook Gaming for you to tune into.
  • Have a problem with something Facebook-related or scam accounts? report it to Facebook support, or Fb.gg/feedback
  • See another Facebook Gaming creator who is using suspicious software in-game on stream? Report to FB and/or Activision/etc. Stars on my stream unfortunately won't help solve that issue.
  • I often answer questions related to streaming, but if it’s too common of a question it may be brief; but for more tips and info check out pipeline.gg
  • If you have questions about "what PC should I buy", "buying my first PC", etc, check out my Discord server and visit the #techsupport channel
  • Have any long term problem within my community? Send an email to Alex, my Community manager, at community@stonemountain64.com

Easter eggs for star amounts on the stream??

If you send the different specific star amounts below during one of my livestreams, you may see some unique audio clips play...

  • 314 stars involves a delicious dessert...
  • 420 stars involves a noob Battlefield friend who unfortunately suffered some fall damage...
  • 444 stars involves a certain late-night TV host...
  • 556 stars drops some ammo...
  • 640 stars, sheeeeesh...
  • 690 stars plays a clip from a rave involving a red crustacean...
  • 762 stars also drops some ammo...
  • 777 stars reminds everyone of the time a 2-time champion got wrecked in Apex Legends...
  • 1111 stars involves a tattooed streamer reading out some truth...
  • 5100 stars involves a spacecraft that's "out of this world"...

In addition, check out my guidelines for star-sending.

Cop Merch: My Merch game has been stepped up and this is a great way to show your love as well as let others know you watch the Commanding Officer. 

 Paypal: If you want to directly contribute to me and don’t want to do it through FB here is my link to my PayPal. Thank you for the continued support and your donations will help allow me to continue to create awesome content. 

Like,Share, & Comment: When Facebook sees engagement on my channel, they show it to more people on their feeds. You clicking those hearts goes a really long way in helping the channel grow! And turning on Live notifications ensures you catch the streams in the first place!