Where does the name "StoneMountain64" come from?

'Stonemountain' is my last name translated to English, and '64' comes from the Nintendo 64, which was my first gaming console and got me started. There's no affiliation to an area in Georgia, USA.

How long have you been making content?

I bought a recording device for my xbox and started editing in iMovie during my Sophomore year of college. I created my Youtube channel on Sept 26, 2011. Have not gone more than 1 week without a piece of content since then, typically releasing 3-8 videos per week with weekly streams. Now I stream 5 days a week on Facebook with plenty of content on Youtube, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter throughout the week.

What equipment do you use?

Check out my entire setup page for my Main Rig, my Stream PC, and all of the peripherals that I use. 

Why do you stream on Facebook?

Facebook has almost 3 billion users that already use it every day.  I have found that quality content can go extremely viral there and with the lack of people creating, content has been easier to break through to new audiences for me. 

I started using Facebook seriously in 2015 and early 2016, and then they enabled people to stream from their PC to the platform and I was the only one to take advantage. A few months later as things were taking off I partnered with Facebook to provide feedback on the platform to try and make it a better place for creators, and they have been passionate and welcoming to the idea and seem to be quickly moving in the direction of improvement for creators.

As of December 2020, I've crossed a BILLION minutes watched this year on Facebook alone. Insane!

Join our facebook group too! We've crossed 200k members on it this year. It's one of the best gaming groups on the platform (maybe I'm a little biased)!

Do you have a Discord server? How do I access it?

I made a server on Discord where people can go to find squads with other members in the community and chat in real time with voice and text. We have one of the larger Discord servers among Facebook streamers that I know of, and it is not limited to that. In the past, I used Teamspeak to chat with my community but since creating a community on Discord's platform, the community has risen to the next level. Now, Discord are an awesome sponsor of the content! 


What tips do you have for Apex players:

Tips playlist

Is this your full time job?

I am grateful to say it is now. I started my channel in college but never even thought this would be a way to make real income. Since then I graduated Summa Cum Laude with an Economics degree, got a job in investment management and then left that job to pursue this full time. Through college and my full time position I was working every weekend and every late night to learn editing and develop new content.  I have had such a passion for gaming my whole life that it was possible to commit to learning to make it entertaining. 


What happened to Patreon/tips?

Facebook has continued to improve, and part of that is now using a supporters feature directly inside of Facebook. I keep 100% of the revenue if you sign up on PC, and if you sign up on mobile through an app store the apple/google take 30%. But for now Facebook is not taking any cut, so I made the switch from Patreon to make it easier. It also is far more beneficial as we get name badges in chat, stickers, and exclusive early access content I provide all in one place, rather than having to go elsewhere.  Patreon was a fantastic tool, but I am excited with the progress made so far on FB and excited to see where it goes.

Additionally, Facebook rolled out a supporters-only group feature that I utilize. It's an exclusive area for my supporters to chat and connect with myself and the community as a whole.


Easter eggs for star amounts on the stream??

If you send the different specific star amounts below during one of my livestreams, you may see some unique audio clips play...

  • 314 stars involves a delicious dessert...
  • 420 stars involves a noob Battlefield friend who unfortunately suffered some fall damage...
  • 444 stars involves a certain late-night TV host...
  • 556 stars drops some ammo...
  • 640 stars, sheeeeesh...
  • 690 stars plays a clip from a rave involving a red crustacean...
  • 762 stars also drops some ammo...
  • 777 stars reminds everyone of the time a 2-time champion got wrecked in Apex Legends...
  • 1111 stars involves a tattooed streamer reading out some truth...
  • 5100 stars involves a spacecraft that's "out of this world"...

In addition, check out my guidelines for star-sending.



Contact info:

Want to get in touch? Tweet at me for comments & questions! I don't open up my personal DMs due to the insane volume, but I'm happy to chat publicly! Or if you ever see me at an event, say hi! 

If it's an issue that can be solved by reaching out to Alex, my Community Manager, you can send him an email at community@stonemountain64.com!

PO box for fan mail:

PO Box 872785
Vancouver, WA 98687