Ever been curious what the best keybinds are to use in Warzone, or what the best OBS settings to use are? Look no further, with some of my own personal settings for my setup.

Page updated Sept 8th, 2021

NVIDIA Freestyle Filters/Warzone Graphics Settings

Controller SettingsGame Settings 

  • Mouse DPI: 800dpi
  • Mouse polling: 1000
  • Apex sens: 2 
  • Apex ADS: .8
  • Blackout sens: 6.4
  • PUBG sensitivity (top to bottom): 45,45,45,36,36,36,36,39
  • PUBG graphics: Windowed, 1440p, Fov 103, Bright 74
  • Modern Warfare Sens: 3.5
  • Modern Warfare ADS: Low Zoom .65, High Zoom .7
  • Escape from Tarkov Keybinds
  • Modern Warfare Keybinds

New World Controller Set Up Guide